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"Every project is a unique opportunity to find my own voice with the composition, lines, and color."    - Rachel

Mosaics birds

Everything about glass fascinates me - the endless combinations of colors, textures, transparency and the sound it makes when I cut it into different shapes and sizes. Each project I create is a unique opportunity to find my own voice with composition, lines, and color.  


I am a self-taught mosaicist who began my career as a stained-glass artist. I saved a collection of leftover glass pieces for a distant opportunity. When a close friend gifted me a pair of glass nippers and a bag of grout, I quickly fell in love with creating mosaics.


When I start a new mosaic project, I don’t plan ahead of time. There is no pre-sketching or choosing of colors before I begin. I use my intuition and allow each piece to flow together as the work progresses. I only know what the finished product will look like once it is complete. I revel in each and every project and find great joy from the response of those who view my work.  


I am a member of Full Spectrum Mosaic Artists of Silicon Valley & the Society of American Mosaic Artists.


*If you are interested in a personal project, please contact me.

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