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My process


"... when the mosics find their perfect spot, it is an explosion of color and light."               - Rachel

my process

It all begins with the inspiration, from the smallest ray of morning sun buncing off my window to the showy vibrant spring blooms in the garden.

Then I follow it up with the design, and next I choose the proper substrate between plywood, wedi board, three-deminational shapes of styrofoam, wire, or rubber. 

Preparing the base comes next with applying layers of fiberglass mesh and cement to give the base durability.  Now... the fun begins! 

Choosing the mosaic shapes, colors, patterns and designs is what it's all about for me. The shapes somehow find each other and when the mosics find their perfect spot, it is an explosion of color and light, and the happy reminder of all the small things we can enjoy.


My pieces turn into colorfull wall hanging for inside or outside, as well as whimsical pots, sculpture and decor that bring color to the garden year round. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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